Cryssa Bazos: Gorgeously Written, Thoroughly Gripping

Medieval carved angel in the vaulted ceiling of Westminster Hall

Visiting Cryssa’s wonderful blog, where she has kindly included an excerpt from The Godmother’s Secret. As long time writing companions in the 17th century, I’m honoured to be welcomed back – even though I’m now a couple of hundred years before our usual beat! Here’s Cryssa’s perspective:

In the past, it has been a privilege to host historical fiction author Elizabeth St. John on my website, and I’m delighted to welcome her back again. Elizabeth shares a passion for the 17th century and the Stuart Age, and her novels are all gleaned from the vaults of her illustrious family’s history. Her ancestors were at the centre of events during tumultuous times, and she offers a unique perspective in her novel.

Although her latest project, The Godmother’s Secret, is a departure from her beloved 17th century, it still focuses on one of her ancestors, Elisabeth St. John Scope, who had the distinction of being godmother to Edward V of England, one of the two young Princes in the Tower.

The fate of the Princes has been a 500+ year old mystery. Following the death of their father, Edward IV (the War of the Roses), twelve year old Edward was proclaimed king but before the coronation could take place his uncle, Richard III, seized the crown and was said to have imprisoned his two young nephews in the Tower of London. They were never heard from again, but during the 17th century, the bones of two young boys were found in a box under a staircase and Richard III was pinned as the likely villain.

In The Godmother’s Secret, Elizabeth St. John explores the fate of these young boys. I’m in absolute love with this novel from the fantastic cover to every crafted line. It is gorgeously written, thoroughly gripping and I found myself deeply invested in the fate of the princes and those who cared so much for them. The Godmother’s Secret has earned a spot on my keeper shelf and is the one of the best books I’ve read in 2022.

The Godmother’s Secret: Guest post by Elizabeth St. John and excerpt