Today’s the Ten Year Anniversary of the Confirmation of Richard III’s Remains

Ten years ago today the University of Leicester and Philippa Langley confirmed that the remains discovered in a parking lot were those of Richard III, killed at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. As part of my research for The Godmother’s Secret, I spent time at the Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester, completely enthralled in the brilliant displays and information concerning his life and death, and I highly recommend a visit. Totally immersive, I wasn’t prepared for the emotional reaction I would have when standing on the glass floor over the pit where he was interred, a hologram depicting the position of his remains. As historical fiction authors, we love to spend time in archives, libraries and the sites where our characters lived…and died. This day at Leicester, along with walking across the fields and through the woods of Bosworth, really brought to life and inspired The Godmother’s Secret. Here’s a link to the Richard III Visitor Center:

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