Theo is FREE this weekend … are you?

My historical fiction short story is free through the weekend – an enlightening story about Lucy St.John’s jilted lover from The Lady of the Tower.

“I did not want a slippery, silver-tongued lady of court. I wanted my lavender-seller, the girl who read Plato and cultivated her medicinal herbs.”

Theo Howard, Earl of Suffolk is torn. Betrothed to a child to satisfy his family dynasty, he longs for the freedom to make his own choice. And when he attends a lavish party at his family’s newly-restored palace, he is immediately attracted to Lucy, a beautiful young lavender-seller. But in this enchanted world of Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream, all is not as it appears. Theo’s headstrong sister Frances is determined to sabotage her own arranged marriage, and aided by the cunning of Frances and her friend Barbara St.John, perhaps Theo can find his own path to happiness and true love.

Lose yourself in a free historical fiction short story. Download at Amazon, or here on my website.

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  1. Having read Lady in the Tower, I look forward to learning more about Theo. Like Lucy, when I was first introduced to him, I thought perhaps he would be more honorable than the typical ‘blades’ of the era…but alas, he was not.

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