The Rebel. The Courtier. The Spymistress.

Happy New Year everyone! It’s a #BookBub promotional weekend for my new release WRITTEN IN THEIR STARS, and pricing is at 0.99 world-wide! Who’s your favourite…The Rebel, The Courtier, or the Spymistress?

Here’s a review that came in today from Hoover Book Reviews. So delighted.

Another triumph, another fascinating read. The author has retained that emotional tug at her reader’s hearts throughout the series, while at the same time providing a powerful tale of shattered dreams, hopes, and survival in a country torn by civil war, and rife with divisive politics that tear families apart. The trials and tribulations of the family, overwhelming at times, are rendered beautifully through the strength of the characters; characters who pull the reader into the turmoil, the chaos, the victories in an ever changing reality.  Let the pages turn, my fellow readers – Luce, Nan and Frances are calling you.   5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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