The Admiral’s Wife by M.K. Tod | Enjoy an Excerpt | Read my 5 Star Review.

Today I’m thrilled to feature my friend M.K. Tod’s newest release, The Admiral’s Wife. Enjoy an excerpt of this riveting and immersive historical fiction dual timeline, set in Hong Kong in the early 1900s and 2016. It’s fabulous. And here’s my Five Star review, too. My favourite book from Mary (so far!).

The Admiral’s Wife | New Release and Excerpt | Absorbing and Beautiful Historical Fiction by M.K. Tod

“Beautifully crafted. Unforgettably scenic.”
I thoroughly enjoyed this beautifully-crafted novel that is so lovingly written I was immediately enthralled with the setting and the characters. In fact I was so immersed, I had to read this almost non-stop over a long weekend. Not only does Ms Tod introduce memorable and relatable women in both past and present times, she takes us on an unforgettably scenic journey through historical and contemporary Hong Kong, which I found absolutely fascinating. The descriptions of the sights, sounds, and ambience of this intriguing city capture its allure, and I loved exploring the streets, markets and businesses, as well as gaining an understanding of the social scene and unique customs for both European and Asian cultures.
Ms Tod is an accomplished dual-timeline author and The Admiral’s Wife proves her craft in a whole new level of expertise. Both stories are wonderfully balanced and harmonious, weaving past and present to produce an incredibly satisfying conclusion. Present-day Patricia and historical Isabel are women who rise to challenges, live their own personal truths and have to make life-changing decisions that threaten all they hold dear. They are brave, strong and passionate, but not at all perfect. As they struggled against both internal and external threats to their happiness, I found myself wondering what I would do in their place. The Admiral’s Wife kept me turning pages long into the night and first thing the following morning, and as I finally reached the ending, I didn’t want to stop. Highly recommend.


  1. Dear Liz – many thanks for featuring The Admiral’s Wife on your blog today. And for the amazing review!! Sending warm wishes … Mary (M.K.) Tod

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