Spymistress to Charles II | A Job Description for Anne St.John Wilmot

Nan Wilmot
aka Anne St.John Lee Wilmot
The Countess of Rochester
Job Title:
Spymistress to Charles II
Ambitious multi-talented outgoing individual with wide-ranging contacts across both Parliamentarian and Royalist departments. Highly skilled in project management, sales, marketing and procurement. Exceptionally discreet, trustworthy and decorous. Fluent in English and French, with proven communication skills, especially in translations and multi-media. Experienced in multiple coding languages. Good social skills, conversant with inter-departmental protocols and processes and an ability to integrate smoothly within existing teams. Successful problem-solver, works well under stress. A valuable addition to any organization.
Land, rents, livestock, jewellery, titles, perquisites, patronage, manors, arranged marriages, gold.
Charles II, Oliver Cromwell

Special thanks to my author friend Annie Whitehead, who first came up with the idea of creating job descriptions for our characters on her blog. I’d hire the Countess of Rochester in a heartbeat – how about you?
More about Nan and her activities spying for Charles II, in Written in Their Stars, the third novel in The Lydiard Chronicles:
London, 1649. Horrified eyewitnesses to King Charles’s bloody execution, Royalists Nan Wilmot and Frances Apsley plot to return the king’s exiled son to England’s throne, while their radical cousin Luce, the wife of king-killer John Hutchinson, rejoices in the new republic’s triumph. Nan exploits her high-ranking position as Countess of Rochester to manipulate England’s great divide, flouting Cromwell and establishing a Royalist spy network; while Frances and her husband Allen join the destitute prince in Paris’s Louvre Palace to support his restoration. As the women work from the shadows to topple Cromwell’s regime, their husbands fight openly for the throne on England’s bloody battlefields. But will the return of the king be a victory, or destroy them all? Separated by loyalty and bound by love, Luce, Nan and Frances hold the fate of England—and their family—in their hands.  A true story based on surviving memoirs of Elizabeth St.John’s family.

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