Sail away on an unforgettable voyage with 18thC pirates of the Caribbean!

I’m thrilled to host my dear author friend Helen Hollick as she sails the blogosphere upon the magical pirate ship, the Sea Witch. Her yarns are fabulous, completely unputdownable. Here’s an excerpt from my Five Star review for Gallows Wake:
“Ms Hollick’s fluid dialogue and historical detail crackles with tension and authenticity. And if that isn’t enough, she disarmingly entwines an element of the paranormal into her story, creating moments of sheer magic which are as believable to us as they are to her characters. After all, we are in the 18th century, and who’s to tell what’s enchantment and what’s reality.I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic yarn, as thrilling and charming as Jesamiah himself. Highly recommend for seafarers and landlubbers alike.”
So, climb aboard and enjoy the rest of your summer in the company for the very sexy Jesamiah Acorne!

Spend the hottest summer of your life with Jesamiah Acorne | The Sea Witch Voyages | Historical Fiction by Helen Hollick


  1. Thank you for hosting Helen Hollick today, with dashing Captain Jesamiah Acorn and his beguiling Sea Witch!

    Take care,
    Cathie xx
    The Coffee Pot Book Club

    1. My pleasure. I have no intention of doing anything else today but rereading some of my favourite Sea Witch passages!

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