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Yes, finally was able to sit down and write a Counterpoint for Barbara – a short story from her perspective that complements a chapter from The Lady of the Tower. It’s a quick read – and one that I hope you’ll enjoy. Maybe you’ll even feel sorry for her. Well, that might be going a bit too far.  Goodreads: Elizabeth St.John

Barbara Villiers Palmer is one of the most famous courtesans in history. Mistress to Charles II and mother of five of his children, Lady Castlemaine’s notoriety is legendary. This is the story of her namesake and grandmother, Barbara St.John Villiers. The apple did not fall far from the tree.

Barbara St.John Villiers has always despised her sister Lucy, and when Theo Howard, Earl of Suffolk, fell in love with her, Barbara thought she’d die of jealousy. Instead, she decided to get even by befriending someone even more scandalous than herself, Theo’s sister, Frances Howard, Countess of Somerset. Unfortunately, Frances was then imprisoned in the Tower of London, accused of murder, and Barbara had to find a way to turn this to her advantage – and continue her vendetta against Lucy.


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