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Sea of Shadows
by Amy Maroney
A gifted woman artist. A ruthless Scottish privateer. And an audacious plan that throws them together—with dangerous consequences.
No one on the Greek island of Rhodes suspects Anica is responsible for her Venetian father’s exquisite portraits, least of all her wealthy fiancé. But her father’s vision is failing, and with every passing day it’s more difficult to conceal the truth.
When their secret is discovered by a powerful knight of the Order of St. John, Anica must act quickly to salvage her father’s honor and her own future. Desperate, she enlists the help of a fierce Scottish privateer named Drummond. Together, they craft a daring plan to restore her father’s sight.
There’s only one problem—she never imagined falling in love with her accomplice.
Before their plan can unfold, a shocking scandal involving the knights puts Anica’s entire family at risk. Her only hope is to turn to Drummond once again, defying her parents, her betrothed, even the Grand Master of the Knights himself. But can she survive the consequences?
With this captivating tale of passion, courage, and loyalty, Amy Maroney brings a lost, dazzling world to vivid life.  Sea of Shadows is Book 2 in a series of stand-alone historical novels packed with adventure and romance.
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I loved this book! Here’s my review:
A passionate slow-burn love story, exotic locations and fast-paced action thrill in Sea of Shadows, a glorious historical fiction immersion into a world fraught with intrigue and adventure. Ms Maroney has created a stunning gallery of characters and places that take us on a voyage to 15th century Rhodes, and the secret world of the Knights Templars. I fell in love with Anica, a spirited Venetian artist who meets her match in Drummond, an equally full-blooded Scottish privateer. These two attract and repel like magnets, creating a tense and increasingly fated relationship, with each impacting the other’s destiny.
In their fascinating medieval world of grand deceits and threatening invasions, Anica and Drummond follow their own emotional life paths, always drawing closer in their growing attraction. Ms Maroney doesn’t make it easy for them, and along with absolutely gorgeous details of art and sorcery, warfare and politics, family feuds and tender love, these two encounter tragedy and heartache on their journey. Fortune comes in many guises, and ultimately Anica and Drummond discover the true meaning of love, loyalty – and sacrifice.
Ms Maroney’s superb scene-setting and historical detail is built on a foundation of research that supports the exciting story, but never dominates. I loved the opportunity to sink into a world that I knew little about, and found myself unwilling to leave. Sea of Shadows is all about action, adventure, fabulous settings and a love story that gifts us the full spectrum of the human heart. An enthralling and enchanting novel. Highly recommend.

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