NEW BEST SELLER | The Queen’s Scribe | A Fascinating and Romantic Historical Adventure by Amy Maroney

What a success! The Queen’s Scribe by Amy Maroney launched this week and went straight to NUMBER ONE on Amazon in Renaissance Historical Fiction! I’ve read and loved all of Amy’s books (starting with The Girl from Oto, the enchanting first novel in the Miramonde Series), but I have to say this might be my favourite yet. Check out my Five Star Review, and get your copy while it’s still at special launch pricing on Amazon: Buy The Queen’s Scribe

Review: A brilliant tale of intrigue, ambition, and survival in a glittering medieval court. Estelle is a valiant hero of the ages, resourceful, intrepid, and a brave survivor. Her story is fascinating, and Ms. Maroney’s wealth of authentic historical detail combined with rich and beautiful writing is captivating. The Queen’s Scribe is a compelling medieval romance adventure, woven into an extraordinary time in Mediterranean history. Ms. Maroney’s beautifully drawn characters and exceptional world-building illuminate a forgotten era with vivid detail.

From the widowed teenage Queen Charlotta to her charismatic, lethal half-brother who leads a rebellion to claim the throne for himself, Estelle has to constantly choose between two masters—and both can decide her destiny in a sword flash. Aided—or thwarted—by an enigmatic falconer, Estelle fights to return home safely, while the looming threat of war tests her newfound loyalty to the queen and the country she rules. With twists and turns, betrayals and friendships, passion and rejection, The Queen’s Scribe ingeniously illustrates the dangers and rewards of ambition, love and living your truth. I couldn’t leave Estelle’s side, I was so captivated by her journey. Highly Recommend.


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