Happy Birthday Lucy Hutchinson – and thank you.

Thinking of Lucy Hutchinson with gratitude today. I hope she would have enjoyed seeing her life — and the rest of the family, including her beloved John — written in The Lydiard Chronicles. I think she might. She did love a bit of prose. Here’s a poem she jotted down:

When love doth come
If it comes powerfully
It leaves no room
For other cares

Luce Hutchinson’s mother, Lucy St.John, dreamed of a prophecy that her daughter would be of eminence. She saw a star fall from the skies and land in her hand as she walked in the gardens of the Tower of London. Her daughter was born there, on this day in 1630. This theme of destiny is woven through Written in their Stars, and the St.John family motto, Data Fata Secutus, roughly translates as “Following his alloted fate”. On the night of Luce’s 29th birthday, her husband signed the death warrant of Charles I, thus sealing the fate of England’s monarchy — and the family.

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