Friends of Lydiard Park draw on their past to look to the future

The Friends of Lydiard Park has been quietly transforming.  The 60-year-old organisation, which is dedicated to supporting the protection, conservation and enhancement of Lydiard House and Park has significantly raised its profile with an enhanced mission bringing Lydiard to life for thousands of people, both local and national, and international. The transformation is revealed this week in the launch of the Friends’ new interactive website and events programme.
The new website  is packed with beautiful images of Swindon’s much loved park, fascinating stories about its history, natural environment, and the people associated with it over the centuries and right up to today.  A new events programme of talks, tours and family activities is unfolding throughout the year, and members of the public are invited to participate, submitting their stories and unique memories of Lydiard.
Chair of the Friends, Sarah Finch-Crisp, says:
‘’Lydiard House and Park is such an important part of Swindon, both for its heritage and as a wonderful amenity for local people.  The Friends have been researching, supporting and promoting Lydiard for over fifty years and have compiled a wealth of information about Swindon’s “jewel in the crown.”  Today, through our new website and events programme we are delighted to share our enthusiasm and curiosity with even more people in this country and abroad. We hope many of them will join us.”
Along with the website and wide-ranging events, The Friends of Lydiard Park are working closely with Swindon Borough Council and the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre to make Lydiard’s archive of documents and photographs more accessible. The Friends are also forming collaborations with other records offices, universities and libraries to exchange information and enhance record access.
I’m delighted to represent the Friends internationally, and so excited about all the great things we have planned for this year and beyond. Be sure to stay in touch via our new website, or email me personally!

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