Eyewitness to History

“Engrossing. Reading the complete trilogy could likely prove irresistible to lovers of family sagas. Recommended.”
A recent review from The Historical Novel Society of Written in Their Stars prompted me to create “Eyewitness to History” banners. Lucy Hutchinson observed and wrote about so many life-changing events in 17th-Century England, and inspired my series “The Lydiard Chronicles.”https://www.elizabethjstjohn.com/books/


  1. I completely adore “The Lydiard Chronicles”. Historical fiction is my favorite genre and it has never made me cry until now. And I’m a stoic by nature. Your writing is evocative, informative and engrossing. Please tell me you have another novel in the works!

    1. Kim, thank you SO much for your kind words, and it’s every author’s guilty pleasure to hear a reader cried over their work. Seriously, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed spending time with the fam. Sorry for the tardy response – I’ve been travelling back to the 15th Century researching my next novel. More news in the autumn…

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