Delightful Author Talk at La Playa Books

I just spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon at a great bookstore in Pt. Loma, San Diego. La Playa books, a local, family-owned bookstore, is a treasure trove of new and used books, and boasts a large history section, which I made short work of. La Playa really knows how to make an author feel welcome – from a beautiful window display, my very own personalized sandwich board sign, and a great tea and biscuits table. I had some lovely conversations with readers, ranging from women’s roles in writing history, through to the influence of the English Civil War in the American Revolution and Constitution. We also planned a birthday party for a sprightly 90 year old visitor and history lover, and wondered if she would enjoy a “silver fox” jumping from her birthday cake. All in all, a lovely afternoon, and I just want to thank La Playa Books, and all they do for the community.

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