Behind the Scenes | The King Killer’s Wife

On the night of Lucy Hutchinson’s 29th birthday, her husband signed the death warrant of Charles I, thus sealing the fate of England’s monarchy — and her family. King Charles I was executed on January 30th, 1649, ushering in eleven years of England’s Commonwealth.

For Lucy and her family, the war had tested them to breaking point. Her beloved brother Allen was a declared Royalist, and the conflict was not just on England’s battlefields, it was in their home.

Discovering Lucy’s memoirs and notebooks in the basement of Nottingham Castle that inspired me to write The Lydiard Chronicles.

I opened my book, Written in Their Stars, with Lucy and John after he signed the King’s warrant:


A dying candle flame trembled and smoked, casting distracting shadows across her journal. Luce cupped the wax stub as she scratched thoughts from her drying quill. A draft upon the creaking of the chamber door extinguished the light.

Rex debet mori

Her final words were scrawled by blood-red firelight.

The king must die.


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