A pitch-perfect tale of love and loss

I look forward to every new Anna Belfrage novel with so many emotions – I know I’m going to enjoy reading it immensely, and I also know it will run me through every feeling known to woman. Their Castilian Orphan is no different, and I’ve just finished it. I had to write this review while the tears were still wet on my cheeks, and drop a note here to say what a brilliant novel it is. Here’s a snippet from my review:
A haunting and poignant elegy to war, and those left behind, worthy of its Welsh heritage, Their Castilian Orphan is one of the most memorable novels I have read recently. Anna Belfrage is a favourite historical author; her narrative voice and powerful research combine for an immersive, melodic reading experience.
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Their Castilian Orphan
Anna Belfrage

It is 1294 and Eustace de Lamont is back in England after five years in exile. He will stop at nothing to ruin Robert FitzStephan and his wife, Noor d’Outremer.
Robert’s half brother, Eustace de Lamont, has not mellowed during his absence. He is more ruthless than ever, and this time he targets Robert’s and Noor’s foster son, Lionel.
Lionel is serving King Edward as a page when Eustace appears at court. Not only does Lionel become the horrified witness to Eustace’s violent streak, Eustace also starts voicing his suspicions about Lionel’s parentage. The truth about Lionel’s heritage is explosive—should King Edward find out, all would be lost for Robert and Noor.
In October of 1294, Wales rises in rebellion. Robert must leave his family unprotected to fight the Welsh rebels on the king’s behalf, comforted only by the fact that Eustace too is called to fight.
Except that Eustace has no intention of allowing his duty to his king—or a mere rebellion—come between him and his desire to destroy Robert FitzStephan . . .

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