Over a Thousand Items in The Lydiard Archives! Come and Have a Browse.

🎉 We’re celebrating a significant milestone! 🎉 ‘The Lydiard Archives has reached over 1,000 groups of items!  Documenting the thousand-year history of Lydiard House, Park and surrounding areas, we have photos, maps, newspaper cuttings, postcards, reports, watercolours, portraits, artefacts, jewellery, diaries and so much more!  When I first started seriously researching and writing The Lydiard Chronicles ten years ago, all of the Lydiard papers were scattered between various historical organisations, history centres, filing cabinets, storage cupboards and attics. Now, we’re such a long way into digitising and curating these precious items, giving free access for everyone to enjoy now and in future generations. Writing The Godmother’s Secret was certainly a whole lot easier because of The Lydiard Archives. A huge thank you to The Friends of Lydiard Park who undertook the funding of this vital task, and all the partners who worked so hard to locate and digitise assets, including Swindon Borough Council and The Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre. Do come and explore for yourself! The Lydiard Archives

The Lady of the Tower | Historic Heroine Talk

I’m excited about giving a talk to a local book club today – one of my favourite things to do. They’ve just read The Lady of the Tower, and I can’t wait to chat about their thoughts, explore what it was like to be a 17th Century woman, who lived in the Tower of London. Here’s a ZOOM lecture I gave in the middle of COVID as part of the Lydiard Friends Online Lecture Series, where I talk about researching and writing The Lady of the Tower.

My 15 minutes of fame in the local paper…

I was a bit nervous when I was interviewed – I was sure I’d rabbited on about all kinds of nerdy details, as only historical fiction authors can. But, so delighted with this very nice article in the Rancho Santa Fe Review. And I’m so looking forward to my talk and the workshops I’ll be teaching at the Senior Center! And yes, that’s Mo in the background, mucking about on my desk, as usual! Here’s a link to the article. Rancho Santa Fe Review