By Love Divided Honored with a BRAG Medallion

Thrilled to announce that By Love Divided joins my first novel, The Lady of the Tower, as a BRAG Medallion Honoree. Awarded for excellence in independent fiction, a BRAG Medallion lets readers know that the work is worthy, and has been given this honor by readers. Thanks for the great endorsement, and I REALLY appreciate the award!

New Release | Audio Book


So excited to say that The Lady of the Tower Audio Book is now on sale on Amazon, Audible and I-Tunes. Thanks to the fantastic Bridget Thomas, a very talented actress who narrated the novel, Lucy’s story is now available for your listening pleasure. And, it’s truly a whole different experience from reading – especially hearing the language and original recipes and letters read aloud. I actually got goose-bumps a few times, even still.

If you are a new subscriber to Audible, the book is FREE if it’s your first choice. I do hope you enjoy!

Coming in May – The Lady of the Tower Audio Book

In final production review of The Lady of the Tower Audio Book. It is a whole new incredible experience to hear their stories, letters and words aloud. I can’t wait to share. Bridget Thomas, an extremely talented narrator, won the audtion based on my readers’ votes (and mine, I was so hoping they’d love her as much as I do). Check out her voice on the clip on her website.

Just a couple of weeks until release date!

The Lady of the Tower Audio Book

Thanks to all my wonderful FB Friends and Tweeps who voted on the very clear winner to narrate and produce the Audio Book for The Lady of the Tower. I’m now at the next stage – a critical review of the first 20 minutes of the book! How does this sound to you – a great cross section of mature and young Lucy, Allen, Barbara and Joan. Post a comment or drop me an email and let me know if this meets your imagination of the characters!

The Recipes Project – Magical Charms to Herbal Remedies

I was recently asked to contribute to The Recipes Project, an international group of scholars interested in the history of recipes, ranging from magical charms to veterinary remedies. Old recipes can tell us a lot about the past, such as how medicines were prepared, when certain foods became popular, or why ingredients might be magical. Here’s my article about how Lady Johanna St.John’s Recipe Book inspired The Lady of the Tower.

Placing Historical Recipes in Fiction: The Lady of the Tower