Winter Reading

Love that paperbacks are enjoying a resurgence this winter. I’ve just returned from Lydiard, where I was so excited to launch my latest novel, Written in their Stars. Paperbacks sold out in 20 minutes! Much as I love my kindle for traveling, there is nothing quite like curling up with a new friend. Thank you to all my readers who are buying books this winter. I hope you enjoy spending time with the family.

It’s here! Pre-Orders open for my new release

So, this is why I’ve been quiet for a few months – finishing up and publishing Written in their Stars, the third book in the Lydiard Chronicles series. Pre-Orders are now up on Amazon, and so do reserve a copy, before prices go up. Lots more to post about the book…but right now, I’m off to do laundry, pick up around the house, and reacquaint myself with my family!



Celebrating Summer Reading with Two Free Novelettes

Grab a free download — a couple of free novelettes to enjoy. In just 30 minutes travel back to 17th century England and lose yourself in the intrigues and plots of the royal court. No need to have read the full length novels to appreciate the  passion, betrayal, romance and deceit all packed into one little story! Have a great time! Click below to download your FREE E-Novelettes.

Counterpoint Theo Earl of Suffolk

COUNTERPOINT Barbara Lady Villiers


First Draft of Book Three

Well, I have the first draft completed. And a very rough effort it is. But, you can’t edit an empty page, and now the fun begins. Here’s a peek at the characters in the final novel in the trilogy, and a preliminary blurb.

With the stroke of an axe, England’s Civil War is won, and in the aftermath of violence, three women begin to rebuild their lives. Luce, whose rebellion against the king gave her victory. Frances, who faces poverty and exile. And Nan, the spymistress who chooses whichever side suits her own ambitions. This is the true story of three cousins, with divided loyalties and a united love for family and the men they married. Can they overcome fate and create their own destiny?

The final book in The Lydiard Chronicles, Destiny’s Women (Working Title) completes the trilogy of The Lady of the Tower and By Love Divided.


Historic Heroines – Adventures by the Book

March 10th – San Diego Event

Excited to be part of “Historical Heroines” with Jennifer Robson Crespi, a right royal novelist, and Kate Quinn, who just hit the 1 million bestseller mark with The Alice Network and is launching The Huntress later this month! We’ll be talking about our historic heroines – mine, for one, was a poet, a scholar, practiced medicine – and pretty much single-handedly defended Nottingham Castle against a marauding Royalist army. Hope to see you there!

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Taking the Tower to New York

I’m excited to be in New York February 7, as a guest of Historic Royal Palaces and the English Speaking Union to give a talk about the Lady of the Tower. Lucy St.John’s life as the Keeper’s Wife was fascinating, and the original idea behind my book. I’m really looking forward to sharing my findings and insights on life as a resident of the Tower of London during one of the most tumultous times in English history. Here’s a link to the event and ticket information.

Julia Darke, Historical Romance Writer

Biographical historical fiction can be incredibly demanding at times, and although I adore writing in this genre, the parameters of time and place can sometimes bind. SO, when I was invited to write a short story for Discovering Diamonds, I decided to depart the pattern and write a historical romance. And, I enjoyed it so much, I think I might write more in 2019. So, with the collaboration of my daughter, Emma Craft, who writes a dynamite premise and is a superb grammarian, look out for more from Julia Darke, my historical romance pen name.

Oh, and how did the name come about? I’m honoring my Irish grandmother, who was orphaned during the famines, raised in a Carmelite convent, and married the love of her life. Under her name, I am writing the alternative stories of my ancestor’s lives.  After all, everyone deserves a Happily Ever After. And who better than an orphan to create one?

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