Author Chats | Paula Scott’s Lyrical New Release | Leaving Lonesome

I’ve been a fan of Paula’s writing for several years, and I’m delighted to invite her to Author Chats to celebrate RELEASE DAY for her newest novel, Leaving Lonesome.
A family torn apart by war. A love affair that reaches to the sky. And a secret with the power to redeem or destroy them…
Sutter County, California 1972
John Reno returns from Vietnam a disgraced army helicopter pilot wracked by guilt and grief. Homeless and alone he makes his way from one crop-dusting job to the next until he reaches the woman who can grant him redemption or ensure his damnation.
Swampy Callohan is a young widow barely holding on to her crop-dusting company. She flies her trusty old Stearmans from dawn until dusk, desperate to make it in a man’s world of faster, more efficient ag cat planes, but time, technology, and a family on the brink threaten to destroy her.When John Reno—the best pilot she’s ever seen— arrives one fateful afternoon, she believes Callohan Dusters can be saved. And maybe her heart will be reborn as well. Reno becomes her saving grace until the day she discovers he harbors a secret that just might shatter her whole world.

Author Chats | Andrea Zuvich’s Sexy New Release

Today I’m thrilled to invite The Seventeenth Century Lady Andrea Zuvich to tea on Author Chats, to talk about her newest release, Sex and Sexuality in Stuart Britain. A foremost authority on the seventeenth century, Andrea also has a place in my heart for creating “Stuarts Saturday” on Twitter, one of the highlights of my social media week. She also happens to enjoy a good strong latte, and a favourite book of mine – Possession by Anita Byant. Join us for more!

Author Chats | Andrea Zuvich

Author Chats | Charlene Newcomb tells of Medieval Knights

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time researching medieval and early Tudor times, and it’s perfect timing to invite Char Newcomb onto Author Chats. Her acclaimed series, Men of the Cross, is set in the 12th Century and is filled with intrigue, war, treason, revenge – and forbidden love. Today, learn more about how Char writes, what music she enjoys, and why she researches every day.

Author Chats | Nicola Cornick’s New Release | The Forgotten Sister

The fascinating story of Amy Robsart, first wife to Robert Dudley and rival to Elizabeth I for his affection is retold in Nicola Cornick’s brilliant new release, The Forgotten Sister. Join us as we chat about literary pilgrimages (Haworth, for one) the special inspiration of walking in Amy’s footsteps, and Nicola’s favourite books.

New Release | Henry, the King’s Cavalier

Thrilled to release the latest COUNTERPOINT Novelette this weekend, a companion book to Written in Their Stars.
A man may think his life is only measured by battles fought for the king. Until he meets a woman worth fighting for.
Henry Wilmot. Cavalier. Seasoned soldier. Grieving widower. On the eve of battle he is sent by the king to requisition arms. What he did not expect was that the supplies were a gift from a feisty and attractive widow who was hiding her own Royalist beliefs in plain sight. Even more alarming was that his quest took him into the heart of an enemy Parliamentarian household. Will Henry survive the fight of his life? And will Nan remember him if he does?
A counterpoint is a melody played in conjunction with another, or an opposing viewpoint in an argument. Our lives are complex, and each one of us carries within us a counterpoint to another’s story.
Here is a counterpoint to Nan Wilmot, from Written in Their Stars.

Crusader’s Path | A journey with Mary Ann Bernal

Today on Author Chats, I’m delighted to welcome Mary Ann Bernal, whose work spans some of the more fascinating periods of history – from Vikings and the dark ages, to the knights templar and the crusades. Discover more about Mary Ann’s research, the kind of music she listens too (very atmospheric, I must say) and the writing of Crusader’s Path.

Eyewitness to History

“Engrossing. Reading the complete trilogy could likely prove irresistible to lovers of family sagas. Recommended.”
A recent review from The Historical Novel Society of Written in Their Stars prompted me to create “Eyewitness to History” banners. Lucy Hutchinson observed and wrote about so many life-changing events in 17th-Century England, and inspired my series “The Lydiard Chronicles.”

Meet Betsy Brand – 17th Century Actress and Sleuth

On Author Chats today I’m talking with John Pilkington, who has recently re-released his 17th Century series featuring Betsy Brand. A captivating actress and sometimes unwilling sleuth, Betsy comes to life through John’s scrupulous research and attention to detail. Come and join me to find out all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into writing historical fiction, and John’s inspiration for recreating the sights and sounds of Stuart England.

John Pilkington | 17th Century Sleuth