Author Chats | Pam Lecky | The Lucy Lawrence Victorian Mysteries

I’ve been looking forward to chatting with Pam for ages. We’ve seen each other online for several years, and I really enjoy her beautiful photographs of Ireland and her clever videos promoting her books. Her latest historical mystery, Footprints in the Sand, has Lucy travelling to explore Ancient Egypt, something the Victorians were fascinated with, as am I. And then, to top it all, Pam also loved the Secret Seven growing up – another Enid Blyton fan! Join us on Author Chats today.
Pam Lecky Author Chats

Author Chats | Kathryn Gauci | New Release: The Secret of the Grand Hotel du Lac

Kathryn Gauci, critically acclaimed author of The Carpet Weaver of Usak and The Embroiderer, among other great historical fiction novels, stops by Author Chats today to talk about her new release, The Secret of the Grand Hotel du Lac, and the extraordinarily detailed research she undertakes for her novels. Two and a half months in the French countryside, anyone?

Kathryn Gauci | New Release | The Secret of the Grand Hotel du Lac

Author Chats | Margaret Porter | The Islanders Re-Release

So happy to invite Margaret Porter to tea and chat today, for it’s been a while since we were at the Historical Novel Society Conference in Maryland, and I love catching up and seeing what fascinating work she’s up to. On this visit, I’m excited to learn more about Margaret’s beautifully refreshed Islanders series set in London and the Isle of Man during the eighteenth century. Hop on over and find out more about this fascinating setting, Margaret’s literary pilgrimages and some of her favourite books.
Author Chats | Margaret Porter

Author Chats | J.G. Harlond Historical Thrillers

I’m delighted to be chatting with my friend Jane today on Author Chats. We share a love of 17th century rogues, and I had the pleasure of spending a day exploring Oxford colleges with Jane during a Historical Novel Society conference several years ago. Today, Jane shares her love of thrillers, continent and century-hopping, and how she crafted her most recent novel, a darkly humourous whodunnit set in England during WWII.
J.G. Harlond Author Chat

Author Chats | Marie Macpherson brings Scottish history to life

I’m thrilled to invite Marie Macpherson to share her fascinating novel The Last Blast of the Trumpet, the final in the Knox Trilogy. I have always been intrigued by this period of Scottish history, and to me, the Darnley murder still remains as shocking today as it must have been to the witnesses at the time. Join Marie as she shares her research, writing techniques, and, of course, the books that have influenced her life the most.
Author Chats | Marie Macpherson

NEW RELEASE | Road to the Tower

LAUNCH DAY! 12 tales of treachery, treason and broken promises.
My story was inspired by a15th Century namesake I discovered on the family tree. Join me on the Road to the Tower. But watch your back!
England, 1483. When Lady Elysabeth Scrope receives an urgent summons to escort her godson Prince Edward to London, she makes an impulsive decision that will change England forever. The sudden death of the king has thrown alliances into turmoil, and the safety of the twelve-year-old heir is at stake. Protecting the young prince from the ambitious Woodvilles is one thing. Defying Richard, Duke of Gloucester, and her half-sister, Margaret Beaufort, is quite another. As Elysabeth and the prince near London and their ultimate destination, the Tower, she begins to question the wisdom of her decision…and her family’s hidden motives.

Author Chats | Oh Mr Pepys!

I’ve been wanting to sit down with the talented Deborah Swift for a good chat for ages, and she kindly spent some time with me recently to talk about her favourite books, what made her cry (hands up who else sobbed through Black Beauty) and what it was like digging through Samuel Pepys’s diaries. Come on over to Author Chats and enjoy my conversation with one of my favourite historical fiction authors!

Deborah Swift | The Women in Samuel Pepys’s Diary

Author Chats | New Release | A Feigned Madness

I’ve been looking forward to chatting with Tonya ever since I heard of her debut novel’s subject – the intrepid New York reporter Nellie Bly. When I first moved to the city I lived across the East River from Roosevelt Island, and a bleak, unwelcoming, derelict place it was. Reading of its history, I was not surprised. Tonya’s done a superb job of recreating the atmosphere and suspense in her novel, A Feigned Madness. Highly recommend.

Tonya Mitchell | New Release | A Feigned Madness