A Peek Beneath the Petticoats | Judith Arnopp’s Guide to Dressing Like a Tudor

So thrilled to feature my author friend Judith Arnopp’s fascinating new book – How to Dress Like a Tudor. For someone like me, who can only dream of having such skill and imagination, it’s a wonderful guide to Tudor fashion. On my Christmas list for all my Tudor-loving friends – and me!

How to Dress Like a Tudor | From Codpieces to Coifs: A Fascinating Guide by Judith Arnopp

The Godmother’s Secret wins a Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal

Delighted to say that The Godmother’s Secret has been awarded a Gold Medal in the Readers’ Favorites book awards. So grateful for all the love, thank you. Two years ago this month my book came alive during an unforgettable road trip around Yorkshire with my amazing daughter/photographer/co-pilot, who took innumerable photos, stopped at every corner for a view that I had to remember, spent a reenactment weekend at the Medieval Music Festival, and listened to me blabbering for hours while trapped in the car with me!