Julia Darke

Biographical historical fiction can be incredibly demanding at times, and although I adore writing in this genre, the parameters of time and place can sometimes bind. SO, when I was invited to write a short story for Discovering Diamonds, I decided to depart the pattern and write a historical romance. And, I enjoyed it so much, I think I might write more in 2019. So, with the collaboration of my daughter, Emma Craft, who writes a dynamite premise and is a superb grammarian, look out for more from Julia Darke, my historical romance pen name.

Oh, and how did the name come about? I’m honoring my Irish grandmother, who was orphaned during the famines, raised in a Carmelite convent, and married the love of her life. Under her name, I am writing the alternative stories of my ancestor’s lives.  After all, everyone deserves a Happily Ever After. And who better than an orphan to create one?

Download a free copy here:  The Herald Angel_Short_Story

The Herald Angel is featured on Discovering Diamonds Historical Fiction blog on December 24th, 2018.