Tudor Historical Murder Mystery | An Exciting New Release by G.J. Williams

The Conjuror’s Apprentice
The Tudor Rose, Book 1
G.J. Williams

Born with the ability to hear thoughts and feelings when there is no sound, Margaretta Morgan’s strange gift sees her apprenticed to Doctor John Dee, mathematician, astronomer, and alchemist. Using her secret link with the hidden side and her master’s brilliance, Margaretta faces her first murder mystery. Margaretta and Dee must uncover the evil bound to unravel the court of Bloody Mary.
The year is 1555. This is a time ruled by fear. What secrets await to be pulled from the water?
The Conjuror’s Apprentice takes real people and true events in 1555, into which G J Williams weaves a tale of murder and intrigue. Appealing to readers of crime and well researched historical fiction alike, this is the first in a series which will follow the life, times, plots and murders of the Tudor Court.
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Enjoy an excerpt:
Master Robert Meldrew was waiting on the steps of the Savoy, hands clasped in anxiety. He was pale, strained, and constantly rolled his lips together in fear. ‘Thank you for coming,’ he muttered as he opened the carriage door. ‘Another dreadful affair has darkened this place.’
Fear. Gnawing fear. The images will not leave your mind. You want it all to stop. What if it’s you next time? What if you were seen?
As if he felt her looking at him, Robert Meldrew turned to look at Margaretta. ‘Your servant again. She always travels with you?’
‘No, no,’ dismissed Dee, stepping out. ‘Margaretta is simply in the carriage as I will take her to where she will work for the next few days.’ He gave money to the carriage man. ‘Though we will continue by wherry. Not paying for a man to sit and wait.’ With that he turned, ignoring the carriage driver’s scowl.
‘Come, master. We need to know what has happened here.’
Sitting in the office, Dee looked greedily at the books, scanning the shelves for another to borrow. Robert poured small beer but this time his hands trembled. Margaretta sat quietly, watching, listening, feeling.
Dee started the interrogation. ‘So, tell me in detail. What has happened?’
‘Just as before. A body in the water.’
‘Found by the wherrymen?’
‘No. By me. I walk early in the evening. I saw a shape on the shore which was not a stone and went to look at it. That is when I saw… Oh, God.’ He put his hand to his mouth and closed his eyes as if trying to stop himself from being sick.
Lying. You are lying. Every time you speak the muscles in your jaw flinch. You are withholding or hiding something. You feel horror. You have seen something, heard something. I see an image. Something dark. Then a person. You are thinking of words.
‘Was he alive, like Jonas?’
‘No. Dead. Horribly beaten.’
‘So how did you know to alert Lord Cecil?’
With this, Robert opened his desk and pulled out a small object, and placed it on the desk. It was another seal. ‘Just as before. Around his neck.’
Trigger Warnings:
Descriptions of bodies and the injuries that brought about their death.
Threat of torture; description of man who has been tortured.

After a career as a business psychologist for city firms, G.J. Williams has returned to her first passion – writing tales of murder, mystery and intrigue. Her psychology background melded with a love of medieval history, draws her to the twists and turns of the human mind, subconscious powers and the dark-side of people who want too much.
She lives between Somerset and London in the UK and is regularly found writing on a train next to a grumpy cat and a bucket of tea.
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