Hot New Release | Blurred Fates | A Stunning Debut Novel by Anastasia Zadeik

Blurred Fates
Anastasia Zadeik

Kate Whittier has it all—a loving, even-keeled husband, two great kids, and a beautiful home in Southern California. But Kate is living a lie. In a desperate attempt to create for her children the safe, happy family she never had, she has been hiding dark secrets for decades—things she’s convinced make her unworthy of her wellborn husband, Jacob, and the privileged life he has provided.
Then, one ordinary evening, always dependable Jacob confesses to a drunken sexual indiscretion he doesn’t quite remember, and Kate cracks open. Molten memories rise to the surface: hiding in the dark, her brother’s whisper in her ear; crying out, knowing no one will hear. Along with the memories, volatile emotions swirl—a sign, Kate fears, that the mental illness that took her mother has finally come for her.
Stepping in to support Kate and Jacob as their lives unravel is the guy who introduced them: Ryan McCann, a peripatetic journalist who has recently settled nearby to write his first novel. Ryan was with Jacob on the night of the indiscretion. Ryan is with Kate when Jacob leaves. And when Kate’s malevolent older brother calls with news of her father’s imminent death, it is Ryan who accompanies her as she journeys back to her childhood home looking for closure. Instead, as the past invades the present and relationships collide, Kate discovers complicated truths that could mean redemption—or destroy her entire world.

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Advance Praise for Blurred Fates:
“A woman’s seemingly perfect life unravels in this debut novel that explores what happens when past traumas resurface. . . . will keep readers glued to the page . . . The author’s tale is as chilling as it is affecting. . . . A hypnotic page-turner . . .”
Kirkus Reviews

“In the haunting and finely written Blurred Fates, Anastasia Zadeik unravels themes of adultery, jealousy, crimes of passion, betrayal, loss, and guilt. It’s impossible to not keep turning the pages, as Zadeik’s voice leads us deeper and deeper into a compulsively readable plot that takes the reader from a place of shock and horror to understanding and clarity. Zadeik has written a psychological thriller that is touching, troubling, and ultimately a story of redemption.”
—Donna Brown Agins, NAACP Image Award–nominated author of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: Legendary First Lady and Maya Angelou: Diversity Makes for a Rich Tapestry

“This story of a woman struggling to overcome the abuse of her childhood unfolded slowly in layers that kept me engaged until the end. The questions raised by Kathryn’s struggles will resonate with all readers: How do we overcome the abuses of our past? Can one ever rise above the circumstances of her childhood? Whom do we love, and why? In Blurred Fates, the devastating effects of adultery, abuse, abandonment, suicide, and unrequited love collide to create a gripping, well-told narrative.”
—Tabitha Forney, author of Paper Airplanes

Anastasia Zadeik is an author, editor, and narrative nonfiction storyteller. Director of Operations for the San Diego Writers Festival, she also serves as a mentor and board member for the literary nonprofit So Say We All. Her work has appeared in The San Diego Decameron Project,, LitHub, and Shaking the Tree. Blurred Fates is her first novel. Learn more at or follow her on Facebook and Instagram, @anastasiazadeik.