Fascinating Renaissance Historical Fiction | Enjoy an Excerpt by Kelly Evans

Turning the World to Stone –
The Life of Caterina Sforza
Part One: 1472 to 1488
Kelly Evans

Vilified by history, Caterina Sforza learned early that her life was not her own. Married at age ten, she was a pawn in the ever-changing political environment of Renaissance Italy.
Resigned to her life as a fifteenth-century wife, Caterina adapted to the role she was expected to play: raising and educating her children, helping the poor in her new home, and turning a blind eye to her husband’s increasingly shameful behaviour. But Fate had other plans for her, and soon Caterina’s path would be plagued by murder, betrayal, and heartbreak.
“Could I write all, the world would turn to stone.”

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“No. It’s too much. I won’t allow it.” The voice paused. “It’s unnatural.” The last two words were a whisper, and Caterina, hidden under the table, strained to hear.
“He’s a powerful man, and the union is important for Milan.” Caterina heard the irritation in her father’s voice and wished she could somehow leave the room unnoticed. But she’d chased a ball under the table just as the duke and the others had arrived, and, knowing she wasn’t meant to be in the study, Caterina had frozen.
Galeazzo Sforza continued. “You know of our difficulties with the papal states. This union would protect us from any unwanted attention from Rome and guarantee added protection against the French.”
“Important for Milan but at the expense of my daughter.” The woman looked around the room at each of the men. “And the expense of our mortal souls.”
“He’s the Pope’s nephew. He’ll see to our souls.” Galeazzo waved away the objection.
“You saw the way he looked at her last night. A thirty-year-old man lusting after an eleven-year-old girl. And only a year older than your own daughter.”
Caterina knew she was being spoken of and held her breath to avoid detection.
Constanza’s husband, and one of the duke’s loyal retainers, tried to calm his wife. “My dear, it’s not like that. You imagined it, he was probably admiring the fine feast Sforza had prepared for us,” he offered weakly.
“I can’t.” Constanza stood firm, her chin tilted upward in defiance. “I won’t. There are many things I’ve done for Milan and my family, it’s the painful duty of all women to suffer for their children but there are limits to the things a mother will sacrifice. And this is one of them.”

Born in Canada of Scottish extraction, Kelly Evans graduated in History and English then moved to England where she worked in the financial sector. While in London Kelly continued her studies in history, concentrating on Medieval History, and travelled extensively through Eastern and Western Europe.
Kelly is now back in Canada with her husband Max and a rescue cat. She writes full-time, focussing on illuminating little-known women in history with fascinating stories. When not working on her novels, Kelly writes Described Video scripts for visually impaired individuals, plays oboe, and enjoys old sci-fi movies.

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