The Lady of the Tower Audio Book

Thanks to all my wonderful FB Friends and Tweeps who voted on the very clear winner to narrate and produce the Audio Book for The Lady of the Tower. I’m now at the next stage – a critical review of the first 20 minutes of the book! How does this sound to you – a great cross section of mature and young Lucy, Allen, Barbara and Joan. Post a comment or drop me an email and let me know if this meets your imagination of the characters!


  1. I like her voice too, but I wondered about her pronunciation of Lucy’s surname. I thought I caught her saying /sint-jawn/ when I thought the more common pronunciation was /sin-gin/.

    1. Thanks Diane! Yes, one that we’ve been wrestling with – we have both versions – the way the US is more likely to understand it, and also the “correct” UK version of /sin-gin. For the purists (thank you!) I think I’ll be going with /sin-gin.

  2. I love her voice and her telling of the story. She brings to life what I read with so many visions in my head. Her interpretation through her voice is better than how Iā€™d imagined it.

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