My New Position as Ambassador from Lydiard

I’m delighted to share that I have been appointed US Ambassador for the Friends of Lydiard Park. In this role, I will bring you news and information on Lydiard Park and St. Mary’s Church as we enter into this exciting new period for the house and its environs. From restoration works to house events; research on the St.Johns and their wide-ranging relatives, to news and updates on the progress of the new management, I’m so excited to be a part of Lydiard’s future. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about this beautiful, unique place, as much as I enjoy writing about it.

Lydiard’s future is assured

The Lydiard Park Heritage Trust has been recommended as the preferred bidder to take over the running of Lydiard. THANK YOU to everyone who signed petitions, wrote letters, attended meetings and provided so much support and encouragement over the past eighteen months. The decision will be formalised at next week’s Council meeting. We are so excited to share the vision for Lydiard that will preserve its legacy and assure its future.…/


Remember Remember

When I was last at the Tower I was excited to spend some time inside the Lieutenant’s House. This pleasant dining room is actually the chamber where Guy Fawkes was “questioned” … and his view, if he could even lift his head, was over Tower Green. The Gunpowder Plot would have flattened the House of Parliament (although there is some doubt that the gunpowder itself was fresh enough to ignite). Happy Bonfire Night!