Author Chats Honours WWII with The Road to Liberation Anthology

Today on Author Chats, I have the privilege of hosting four USA Today, international bestselling and award-winning authors who have collaborated on a collection filled with courage, betrayal, hardships and, ultimately, victory over some of the most oppressive rulers the world has ever encountered.
By 1944, the Axis powers are fiercely holding on to their quickly shrinking territories.
The stakes are high—on both sides:
Liberators and oppressors face off in the final battles between good and evil. Only personal bravery and self-sacrifice will tip the scales when the world needs it most.

The Road to Liberation | An Inspiring Anthology

Read about a small child finding unexpected friends amidst the cruelty of the concentration camps, an Auschwitz survivor working to capture a senior member of the SS, the revolt of a domestic servant hunted by the enemy, a young Jewish girl in a desperate plan to escape the Gestapo, the chaos that confused underground resistance fighters in the Soviet Union, and the difficult lives of a British family made up of displaced children..
2020 marks 75 years since the world celebrated the end of WWII. These books will transport you across countries and continents during the final days, revealing the high price of freedom—and why it is still so necessary to “never forget”.
Stolen Childhood by Marion Kummerow
The Aftermath by Ellie Midwood
When’s Mummy coming? by Rachel Wesson
Too Many Wolves in the Local Woods by Marina Osipova
Liberation Berlin by JJ Toner
Magda’s Mark by Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger

Written in Their Stars Awarded BRAG Honour

Thrilled that Written in Their Stars received this prestigious readers appreciation award. All three of my novels in The Lydiard Chronicles are now BRAG Award Winners. That makes me very happy! Check out more information about BRAG on its website, and browse through the great collection of books that have received awards over the years.

Here’s a snippet where Henry Wilmot reveals his wife, Nan Wilmot, is setting up a spy ring for Charles II, exiled King of England.

Each time Henry returned home, Nan noticed a small change in him: a new crease on his forehead, silver at his temples. Yet still his rugged demeanour captivated her, and the scar puckering the corner of his sensual mouth charmed her. Nan touched the tender place on her smooth neck, the love blemish left by a man’s rough beard and sweet lips. How delicious to have her husband in her bed again after so long apart. And yet she could not keep him, for he would arise one morning and leave, the call of his king and his troops transcending her love.
“You realise we fight on multiple fronts.” Henry turned to Allen and Frances, motioning with the wine flagon he’d clasped since they’d first strolled into Ditchley’s pleasure garden. Frances gestured her refusal; Allen waved his glass for more.
Nan’s favourite arbour beckoned, and they sat close in the June dusk, the rosy light turning the garden a radiant pink and the plaster of the house a mellow gold. The sudden shrill piping of a blackbird stirred the peacefulness. Nan wanted to hold this moment forever.
“What mean you?” asked Allen. “Surely those who declare for the king have all made their way to the Continent by now. You must have formed a sizable army.”
Henry nodded. “True. And we have men, supplies, arms, ships at our call. But there is still much to be done to coordinate our efforts on both sides of the Narrow Sea. King Charles now seeks the queen’s official support to invade. We are readying ourselves.” He stood suddenly and paced in front of them. Nan recognised his restlessness; her man despised sitting still.
“You are well-organised. What more do you need? We have no money.” As was her way, Allen’s wife came directly to the point.
“Henry, my love, tell them the truth.” Nan caught her husband’s hand, caressed the familiar calluses on his palm. “Allen and Frances can be trusted.”
Allen turned to Nan. “Trusted with what?”
Henry poured another glass of wine for himself, frowning slightly as he realised he’d drained the flagon.
“Our fight does not begin with swords,” he replied. “The great need is for information. Intelligence. Numbers, locations, attitudes. Security and defence. Where we might be exposed. Where Cromwell is vulnerable. And, God help us, where England’s safe houses are hidden in the midst of our enemies. When we return with our army, we can afford no mistakes.”

Great escape | The Girl from Oto

I changed up my schedule last week, and instead of heading straight for my computer at 5:30 (my normal getting up time) I decided to spend time on the couch reading first. And was that a great idea! I escaped with The Girl from Oto, a beautiful dual narrative of Renaissance and modern times, set in the French Pyrenees.  Here’s my review, and I’m excited to share that Amy’s joining me for Author Chats on Friday. Do come back and spend some time with us!
The Girl From Oto Goodreads

Mary Anne Yarde joins me on Author Chats

I’m thrilled that Mary Anne Yarde joins me today on Author Chats to talk about her new release, The Du Lac Curse, the fifth in her brilliant series set in England of King Arthur’s time. Discover where she gets her inspiration, why Cornwall is so important to her, and what makes her happy. And, be sure to check out The Du Lac Curse. I was lucky enough to receive an Advance Copy…and I couldn’t put it down.

Mary Anne Yarde | New Release | The Du Lac Curse

Author Chats | Vivienne Brereton | Tea Time with the Tudors

Today, my guest on Author Chats is Vivenne Brereton, discussing her debut novel of Thomas Howard, A Phoenix Rising. Opening at the dazzling court of Henry VIII, Vivienne’s first book in her Tudor series “The House of the Red Duke” is a page-turner from start to finish. And what comes next…I can’t wait to discover. Find out about Vivienne’s early inspiration for all things Tudor, why it was useful that she lost her son in the maze at Hampton Court, and why Gone with the Wind will always make her cry.

Vivienne Brereton | For the Love of Tudors

New Release | The Du Lac Curse | Mary Anne Yarde

Congratulations to Mary Anne Yarde on the exciting release of Book 5 of the Du Lac Chronicles! Today, while Mary Anne is racing around the blogosphere launching her new book, we have a treat of an excerpt. And next week, a terrific interview and Author Chat about her fascinating Du Lac series.

The Du Lac Curse: Book 5 of The Du Lac Chronicles
God against Gods. King against King. Brother against Brother.
Mordred Pendragon had once said that the sons of Lancelot would eventually destroy each other, it seemed he was right all along.
Garren du Lac knew what the burning pyres meant in his brother’s kingdom — invasion. But who would dare to challenge King Alden of Cerniw for his throne? Only one man was daring enough, arrogant enough, to attempt such a feat — Budic du Lac, their eldest half-brother.
While Merton du Lac struggles to come to terms with the magnitude of Budic’s crime, there is another threat, one that is as ancient as it is powerful. But with the death toll rising and his men deserting who will take up the banner and fight in his name?
Amazon UK
Amazon US

Please enjoy this excerpt:

“My mind is not troubled,” Garren insisted.
“Of course not. You are a du Lac. The world can throw anything at you, and you will survive it. You are more like your father than you know.”
“I always found it strange when people who had never met my father, compared us.”
“Lancelot’s reputation always went before him. Alden knew you went to Wessex,” Santo stated, changing the subject. “He knew you met with Cerdic. He knew that the two of you chartered a boat to Brittany.”
“And I have a good reason for that, but it is not what you think…”
The door opened, and Chesten walked in with a steaming bowl of pottage in one hand and a spoon in the other.
“I thought ee might be ’ungry,” Chesten said, handing the bowl to Santo.
“Thank you, Chesten. That was very thoughtful of you.”
“Everyone, apart from me husband, knows that I be a thoughtful person. Well, I…” she smiled. “I’ll leave ee two to it. Looks like yer got a lot of talking to do. Call if yer der need me.”
“Thank you,” Santo said again.
Both men waited until Chesten had shut the door firmly behind her.
“Tell me what happened,” Garren pleaded. “I need to know.”
Santo sat down on the floor and dipped the spoon into the pottage. Garren watched as the healer raised the spoon to his mouth and sampled the best that this God-forsaken tavern had to offer.
“I had heard it said that when Lucifer was thrown to earth from Heaven, a third of God’s angels went with him. I never held much faith in that statement. Stars. Angels. The Bible can be interpreted any way if it serves your purpose, I suppose.” Santo sighed deeply.
“What has this got to do with—”
“Alden was betrayed by his knights,” Santo stated almost matter-of-factly.
“He was what?” Garren gasped the question for he had not been expecting Santo’s words. “Rozen said it was Josephine.”
“The child is right. I don’t know what she did. Or what she promised the knights. But they forsook Alden without a second thought. I would like to say that I saw through that woman from the first moment I met her, but I too fell for her story. We all did.”
“Merton didn’t. He didn’t,” Garren stated with anger — not at Merton but himself.
“Merton is always one step ahead of everybody else, but I think even Merton was blind to this. The wine was poisoned. Alden…” Santo frowned as he dipped his spoon back into the bowl. “Josephine set fire to the Queen’s Hall, and during the confusion, I managed to slip away unnoticed.”
“You left my brother—”

About Mary Anne Yarde
Mary Anne Yarde is the multi award-winning author of the International Bestselling Series — The Du Lac Chronicles. Set a generation after the fall of King Arthur, The Du Lac Chronicles takes you on a journey through Dark Age Britain and Brittany, where you will meet new friends and terrifying foes. Based on legends and historical fact, The Du Lac Chronicles is a series not to be missed.
Born in Bath, England, Mary Anne Yarde grew up in the southwest of England, surrounded and influenced by centuries of history and mythology. Glastonbury — the fabled Isle of Avalon — was a mere fifteen-minute drive from her home, and tales of King Arthur and his knights were part of her childhood.
Connect with Mary Anne:


Back to the Future | Alison Norton’s Roma Nova series in Author Chats

Today on Author Chats, I’m thrilled to welcome Alison Norton, who writes the fabulous Alternative History Roma Nova series. Her books feature modern Praetorian heroines – “intelligent adventure thrillers with heart.” Alison’s inspiration is put down to her deep love of Roman history, six years’ military service, a masters’ in history and an over-vivid imagination. She blogs, reads, cultivates a Roman herb garden and drinks wine in France with her husband. Join me to find out more — and why she likes to provoke her readers.

Visit Lydiard House and Park | Virtual Scenic Tour

I was supposed to be at Lydiard these coming weeks, so it’s really hard not to miss the arrival of spring and the beautiful bluebell woods. Instead, I go there in my imagination (which is really good for my next writing project!) and visit the Friends of Lydiard Website, where I can take a virtual tour of the house and grounds. Scroll down on the home page to activate the video, or take a stroll through “Lydiard Outdoors” and enjoy the swans and their cygnets.