Author Chats

Author Chats | MJ Porter | Vikings, Fantasy and Historical Fiction

Pam Lecky | The Lucy Lawrence Victorian Mysteries

Kathryn Gauci | New Release | The Secret of the Grand Hotel du Lac

Margaret Porter | The Islanders Trilogy | Historical Fiction from the Isle of Man

Jane (J.G.) Harlond | Historical Thrillers Spanning Centuries and Continents

Marie Macpherson | The Scottish Queen and the Fiery Reformer

Deborah Swift | The Women in Samuel Pepys’s Diary

Andrea Zuvich | New Release | Sex and Sexuality in Stuart Britain

Charlene Newcomb | Medieval Tales and Forbidden Love

Nicola Cornick | New Release | The Forgotten Sister

Richard Tearle | Melody Maker, Story Writer

Tonya Mitchell | New Release | A Feigned Madness

Jean Roberts | Telling the Stories of Ancestors

Kathleen Marple Kalb | History, Mystery and Opera

Mary Ann Bernal | A Journey Along the Crusader’s Path

John Pilkington | 17th Century Sleuth

Emma Lombard | Sailing Away on an Historical Adventure

Brook Allen | Friends and Romans

The Road to Liberation | An Inspiring Anthology

Amy Maroney | A fascinating journey through past and present

Mary Anne Yarde | New Release | The Du Lac Curse

Vivienne Brereton | For the Love of Tudors

Alison Morton | Roma Nova: Alternative History

Susan Margaret Cooper | Historical “Faction” Author

Anna Belfrage | Time Traveller

Drema Drudge | New Release: Victorine

Helen Hollick | Bringing the Supernatural to Life through Powerful History

Annie Whitehead | Anglo-Saxon Author and Historian

Tony Riches | Tudor Storyteller

Cryssa Bazos | 17th Century Enthusiast