Historical Fiction Panel: San Diego Writers Festival

Coronado Library: October 8th, 11:00 am

Book Signing: The Godmother’s Secret

Warwick’s La Jolla: November 13th 12-2pm 

Video Talk: The Lady of the Tower

2022 Past Talks

Lucy Hutchinson Symposium: Keynote
June 27-29th, Nottingham, England

Village Garden Club, La Jolla
February 24th, La Jolla, California

Video Lectures

Webinar Recordings

2020  Author Talks

English Speaking Union: The Lydiard Chronicles Lecture Tour
Feb 4th Winter Park, Florida
Feb 6th Savannah, Georgia
Feb 8th Atlanta, Georgia
Feb 9th Jacksonville, Florida
March 8th New Orleans, Louisiana 
March 10th Denver, Colorado 
March 11th Kansas City, Missouri